Teach Children to Save

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This year, we will Teach Children to Save using the Tale of Two Brothers! We encourage you to download the lesson here, and work through the activities with your children together. This activity is best for children in 3rd grade. 


What do bankers do? Work with people, numbers, computers, or their hands. Help people, businesses, and communities

When you think of someone who works at a bank, do you think of a teller? Tellers are very important to the bank, but did you know there are many more job types at every bank? 


Benefits of Wise Saving


  • Learn how to be responsible with your money.
  • Learn the difference between what you need and what you want.
  • Find out how you are able to earn money.
  • Learn how to budget for what you want, instead of spending all of your money at once.


Benefits of Wise Sharing

  • Make new friends.
  • Learn how something simple can help and mean so much to others.
  • Learn that good deeds help others but also make you feel great and build self-esteem.
  • Great life lessons that can be learned now and carried on into adulthood.
  • It is a great way to make people smile and help them meet their needs.


Ways Parents Can Teach Wise Spending

  • Provide children with an allowance.
  • Encourage children to put a portion of their earnings into a savings.
  • Set goals for saved money and spend a portion once goals are met.
  • Open a minor savings account at your local bank.
  • Develop a routine for your child to make regular small deposits into a savings account at a bank.
  • Advise children to spend wisely. Review and compare with children the cost of items and amounts saved so they develop an understanding of the value of a dollar.